Eroica Japan 2019 Tour in Shima (Nakanojo Town)

On the occasion of Eroica Japan 2019, let’s enjoy the secrets of Nakanojo town and Shima Onsen, one of the most beautiful villages in the Japan.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Nakanojo Town Tourism Association, we are pleased to present a special Eroica Japan tour in Nakanojo.
Through the experience of Japanese tradition, like cooking Soba (Japanese noodles with buckwheat) in Nakanojo town and the tea sommelier experience, you will know well habit and culture of Nakanojo town.

  • Minimum number of participants:10 persons (with a tour operator)
  • Entry to Eroica Japan (Sat, 6/1), application to the Cena Eroica (Sun, 6/2) is required separately.
  • Even those who do not participate in the ride can participate in the tour.

About Nakanojo Town
In the 2019, Eroica Japan’s Start and Goal will be at the Shima Onsen area in Nakanojo Town (Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture). Eroica Japan will visit each of the four cooperating municipalities as a start and goal point every year to let know the splendor of Agatsuma-gun to L’Eroica fans of all over the world. From Kusatsu Onsen which was the start & goal point of the 2018, and one of the most famous hot springs in Japan, Shima Onsen will be a start point in 2019.

The beautiful city of Nakanojo is located in the northwestern part of Gunma prefecture and has flourished as the economic and cultural center of Agatsuma county. It is surrounded by peaks of over 1,000m high. The city itself has an average elevation of 400m above sea level.
Not only it was important location as a point of transportation since ancient times from the northern area of Japan to Tokyo over the Mikuni Pass, Nakanojo is always famous thanks to nine hot springs in the town such as Shima, Shiriyaki, Sawatari Onsen etc, could heal their tiredness of travelers.
Travelers who passed this area were not only samurai such as the shogun Minamoto Yoritomo but also a famous scholars, doctors and poets like Wakayama Bokusui.

Shima Onsen (that means 40,000 in Japanese) represents 40,000 ailments. The hot water is supposed to cure and dates back to the year 989.
Some of the Onsen baths are located along a river where you can relax and enjoy Mother Nature while you soak your stress away.



Friday, May 31
Morning: Going to Shima Onsen by train
From Ueno Station (in Tokyo prefecture) at 10:00 by Limited Express Kusatsu and at 11:57 from Nakanojo Station to Shima by bus)
Lunch: Experience of cooking Soba (buckwheat noodles)
Afternoon: Tea Lecture "Ochako” Experience
Dinner in Hotel
Overnight in Shima onsen

Saturday, June 1
Breakfast in Hotel
Free time
Cena Eroica (Eroica diner) *You have to book apart.

Sunday, June 2
No breakfast
Eroica Japan  ride
Dinner in Hotel
Overnight in Shima onsen

Monday, June 3
Breakfast in Hotel
Morning: Move from Shima Onsen to Tokyo
Departure from Nakanojo Station at 13:28 by Limited Express Kusatsu and Arrive in Ueno station (in Tokyo prefecture) at 15:26
Finish the tour at Ueno Station

Travel Plan
1) Ayameya Ryokan Plan 89,250 Yen 10 Rooms available(Max. 3 people per room)

2) Kashiwaya Ryokan Plan  113,400 Yen 6 Rooms available(Max. 2 people per room)

3) Yoshimoto Ryokan Plan
128,100 Yen 4 Rooms available(Max. 4 people per room)
※Cost when you use a room with 2 people
173,250 Yen 4 Rooms available(For 3 rooms: Max. 4 people per room, For 1 room: Max. 2 people per room)
※Cost of using private room with open-air bath for 2 people

4) Tsuruya Ryokan Plan 158,550 Yen 3 Rooms available(Max. 6 people per room)
※Private room with open-air bath and dinner in the room

-   The use of one person is not permitted, and it will be used for two or more persons.
-    The cost of Yoshimoto Ryokan Plan may vary depending on the number of guests in the room.

≪The main things included in the cost of travel≫
・Express Kusatsu tickets (roundtrip cost between Ueno and Nakanojo)
  • Roundtrip of bus tickets between Nakanojo JR station and Shima Onsen
  • Stay 3 nights
  • 5 pasts(including Soba cooking experience)
  • Tea Lecture experience Fee
  • Tour attendant cost(for 10 persons or more, 1 person is accompanied)

≪The costs NOT included in travel fee≫
  • Non-designated meal costs in your itinerary
  • Transportation costs of bicycles
  • Entry Cost of Eroica Japan and Cena Eroica (Saturday dinner) Participation Fee
  • Transportation and food expenses during free time

Contacts and Reservation:
Nakanojo Town Tourism Association, Japan
Gunma Prefectural Governor registered travel agency No. 2-484
Post code 377-0424
938 Nakanojo-machi Oaza, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture
Tel. +81-279-75-8814
FAX: +81-279-26-3777
For information and reservation:
HP :


About the tea lecture “OCHA-KO”
There is a tradition event transmitted in the Shirokubo district of Nakanojo town, the "ocha-ko". It is not known when the tea lecture of Joshu Shirokubo was started, but there is a book of "Tea incense Sense book" in the 1799 and their method and the current one are the same so the tea lecture has been done for a long time. It is the one that the form of called "fighting tea" has been left since the Muromachi war period (from 1336 to 1573), and it is very rare the tea lecture is still practiced.

In the 1990 the tea lecture is designated as an National important intangible folk cultural property.
In the tea lecture Participants must guess the type of four kinds of tea, mixed of the roast powder with the bitter tea (Shibucha or Sencha), the Sweet tea (Amacha) and Chinpi (the one dried the peel of the orange). It has a deep relationship with a game in the 14th century, called Tocha (Tea fighting) which is a game that guess type of tea from their scent and taste.




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