エロイカ ジャパン 我妻
About Agatsuma District (Agatsuma-gun)
Agatsuma is a rural district located in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, and composed by 6 towns and villages. This area has a long history. It was formerly part of Kōzuke Province, administered directly by the Tokugawa shogunate and by the Oguri-samurai clan.
There are a number of exciting historical sites related to the samurai to cultural and natural attractions, hot spring and activities to do.
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草津温泉 エロイカ ジャパン 我妻
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Kusatsu is recognized as one of Japan’s three most famous hot spring resorts. Many people have been visiting since ancient times.
The Yubatake (Hot Water field) is a central meeting and sightseeing spots in Kusatsu Onsen. This is the source water field for the bubbling Onsen water supplied throughout Kusatsu village.

嬬恋 エロイカジャパン ビンテージバイク 我妻
Tsumagoi is a plateau village located south of Kusatsu. It is a nice summer resort town and during the winter, many enjoy winter sports.
There are five main sightseeing areas: Manza Hot Springs, Kazawa Hot Springs, Asama Heights , Baragi Heights and Shirane Heights. Tsumagoi is a village well-known for being Japan's number one producer of cabbage. Cabbage plants stretch as far as the eye can see.
The Village name is formed from the characters for “Wife”and “love”.

長野原 エロイカジャパン 吾妻郡 群馬県
Located in the northwestern portion of Gunma Prefecture, almost all of Naganohara has an elevation higher than 500m. It’s famous by Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the first shogunate in Japan.
The main attractions are: Kawarayu Hot Springs area and Yukake festival (the tradition-filled mystical Yukake Festival is said to have been running for some 400 years, where on the morning of the coldest day of the year January 20th, heroic young men bearing traditional fundoshi-wear splash hot water on one another), Asama Volcano Museum, the Maruyama castle ruins and the wooden station building of Kitakaruizawa.
Already the railway service was stopped in 1962, but the station building has been saved as “tangible cultural heritage”.

中之条 四万温泉 エロイカジャパン 我妻郡
Nakanojō is surrounded by high peaks of over 1000 m in height and the town's area is 80% mountains and forests.
There are many onsen hot spring resorts, the major hot spring resort areas are Shima Onsen, located in the mountains to the north of town (the name means "forty thousand", and represents the 40,000 ailments the water is supposed to cure) and the other is called Sawatari Hot Springs.
The crystal clear hot water has velvety soft texture and because only a single bathing in it makes one's skin pearly and smooth, it's called the hot spring of beauties.
The other are Hanashiki Onsen, where many wild cherry tree blows in spring.



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