Welcome to Japan , the beautiful land of cherries and sacred mt. Fuji, a world heritage site.

The city of Fujikawaguchiko-machi, is located in central Japan, north of Mount Fuji. This area is famous for five volcanic lakes, born under the force of the fire of Mount Fuji. In addition this area is well know for the mountain pastures where the grass, rich in minerals, is food for dairy cows .
The start is situated at the foot of Nenba, Saiko-Iyashinosato, a traditional rural village rebuilt in all its details, after a catastrophic flood.
Since all paths you can see the imposing silhouette of Mount Fuji.
We wait for a fantastic adventure.


Long Route: 100 km
Ascent: 979m
Unpaved Road: 10km

Start times: 8:00am – 8:30am
Rest Stops:
(1) Fujigane area 37.4 km
(2) Funatsu Tainai Jukei area 65km

In the long route you will pass close to the Shojiko Motosuko and lakes, from which you can see the sacred Mount Fuji.
The first rest stop is located at Fujigane park. Fuel up because you have a lot of route to do until the next one. The long route follows the medium course until the North Fuji Golf course then, you can find the longest gravel road, called Narusawa off road.
One section of this route approaches a 13% grade near the top.
The last rest stop will be near 65km and it will offer the basic needs for the riders (water and small snacks).
The route from this rest stop will be easer. Follow the route until the last check point located at the Kawaguchi Asama Shire (76.7km).  Be sure to follow the markers or risk the chance of going the wrong way. At this point you have the last climb before the goal of Saiko Iyashinosato and welcome back.


Medium Route: 65 km
Ascent: 596m
Unpaved Road: 5km

Start Times: 8:30am – 9:00am
Rest Stops:
-Fujigane park area

The medium Routes follow the same short course until Motosuko lake, then diverge to the first rest stop at Fujigane park.
Here riders will encounter the most hard climb to deal (15%) until the observatory.
Before to come back to the start, you can enjoy a gravel road that pass close to the famous Saiko Komori no ana (bats' cave).The finish will be sweeter.


Short Route: 35 km
Ascent: 310 m
No unpaved Road

Start Times: 9:00am – 8:30am
Rest Stops:
-Motosuko area (16km)

The short route is ideal for riders of all levels, but there will be some challenges with its undulating terrain. The route explores two of the most beautiful Fuji Five lake: Shojiko and Motosuko.
Soon after leaving the village of Saiko Iyashinosato, riders will encounter the first sections of short climbs followed by soft descents.  Make sure your brakes are working well and your tires are in good shape. The first rest stop at Motosuko Lake will be a welcome sight after only 16km. Enjoy  refreshments and a wonderful view of mt.Fuji. After a short tour of Motosuko lake, you will return to the start in Saiko Iyashinosato.



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