Punta del Este 2016

November 15, 2016

If I were asked to choose the most ‘heroic’ part of the world, I would pick Latin America. Of course, you can find more difficult places to live but that part of the southern hemisphere was formed out of deep wounds and you breathe it in the air around you. These are lands to discover, places of adventure, with environmental barriers of mountains and forests, impervious and uncertain roads, risks around every corner. I don’t want to make a myth of the conquistadores, who were responsible for unforgettable crimes, but they were certainly “forced” to conquer at any cost and what they managed to achieve is one of the crossroads in history which is still incredible today.
The migrants followed, starting from our own poor, heroic Italians who exported easily recognisable roots, especially to Argentina and to Uruguay.
Without indulging any further in my personal passion for a particularly fascinating part of the planet that offers fantastic possibilities for travel, we owe the Eroica to a couple of Italian extraction (Andrea and Alessandro) and the offer of a challenge in Uruguay was too good to refuse. Eroica Punta del Este is an escape, a leap of faith, a route into the unknown, just like the philosophy of continental life.
But, let’s be clear, it’s not a complete leap into the dark.
First of all are the roads: the best sequence of infinite circles, untarred and traffic-free, with modest climbs, endless horizons and a potent and florid nature, barely bowing to man’s needs but always ready to spring back and take what has always been hers.
This is an extremely hospitable, familiar country and it will face its first Eroica without anxiety, sure in the knowledge that the event will grow quickly.
Indeed, Malaquin and Ceccarelli are people of the world and lovers of sport, they bring passion and precision to the organisation, they will involve institutions and ensure that the right attention is given to this debut.
It will be a great adventure, overlooking the Mar del Plata, among immense fazende, gauchos and palms, animals in symbiosis with creation and credible attempts to cultivate wine and olives, just like in Tuscany, a measure for excellence in all things beautiful and just like the Eroica.
Giancarlo Brocci





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