Eroica Japan 2017 registration

February 2, 2017

Entry site for registration in English language in now open.
Click here!

Remember that:
To ride Eroica Japan, you must have a steel-frame bike of vintage look and feel. Preferably a bike from 1987 or before. The steadfast requirements are as follows:

1) Steel frame bikes; lugged or fillet-brazed**
2) New for 2017, we will allow the Aero-brake levers, they must NOT include the built in shifters.
3) Traditional toe clips or straps. Cleats are not required, clip-less pedals are NOT permitted.
4) Vintage-style apparel; wool kits are encouraged, but not required.
5) No indexed shifters are permitted. Shifters with an index option must use the friction mode.
6) Shifters should be mounted on down tube, stem or bar ends.

** The following 1987 or earlier non-steel frames are permited at Eroica events: Exxon Graftek,Allen Carbonio and Alumino, Teledyne Titan, Vitus Aluminum & early carbon/aluminum lugged frames.






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