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March 18, 2019

Soon many of you will begin preparing your ride for Eroica Japan.
This year, we will offer a route where you can experience a wonderful Strada Bianca (Gravel Road). We were unable to offer it last year due to the snow-mass, but we can use them this year. We are looking forward to your arrival. It is recommend that you start to prepare your bike. You should make sure that you have a proper gearing set up and brake pads. Eroica's motto is "The Beauty of Fatigue and the Thrill of Conquest". There are many hard climbs and decents on the routes of Eroica. So it's never a shame to get off your bike and walk up a long hill, steep angled climb, or walk down the steep downhills. However, it is hard to walk by pushing your bicycle.
We believe now is a good time to check your bike and be ready for the ride.
So, we would like to suggest some recommendations when you are doing the preparation.
When you are preparing your ride for Eroica rides we would recommend to:
• Choose the larger width tires, and avoid any tires with a smooth surface.
The size of the tires you can install on your bike will depend on the the inner height, width of your bike’s brake calipers. I think it is possible to use 25mm to 32 mm width tires depending on your clearance.
Although the surface of the tires does not need to have an aggressive off-road tire pattern found on many MTBs. We recommend that you choose a set of tires with a reasonable slip prevention pattern and refrain from getting the totally slick surface tires.
One of the Eroica Global Sponsors, Continental Tires sells a very good tire called Sprint Gatorskin. You should take a look at them as they come in various widths.
• Make sure to check the brake pads. Especially in the case of vintage bikes, even if the appearance of the brake pad is good, the material becomes old and hard over time loosing the stopping power and it is very dangerous to have them on your bike. Check the brake pads and if they are old, hard or worn down you need to change them with the modern pads with a good compound.
Kool Stop sells excellent replacement brake pads for Campagnolo and Mafac brake calipers so we highly recommend them.
• Do not forget to check your gearing (ratio) on your bike.
As mentioned earlier, the Eroica event is famous for having the harsh climbs and sharp descents on the routes. Eroica Japan is also the same. If you make a mistake in choosing the correct gearing and participate, there will be places that you may have to dismount from your bicycle and walk. Walking is never a bad thing, but ideally you want to finish the route on your bike.
Therefore, if you have a bicycle equipped with Campagnolo Nouveau Record or Super Record, we recommend that you use 48-52 on the front outer chainring and 41-42 on the inner chainring and pair that with either 13-28, 13-30 or 13-32 Freewheels.
It is up to you to decide, but we have found that Campagnolo's Nouvo and Super record Rear Derailleurs can be fitted up to 32 cogs despite the information generally stamped on the back of the derailleur or what people know. We found that for this set up to work properly on the larger sized frames we had to remove the adjustment screws on the rear dropouts and put the hub axle all the way back, and you should be able to easily shift to the 32 cog. Try this technique if you like it. You may need to add a few chain links to accommodate the larger cog. On the smaller size frames you may need to adjust the screws, but may not need to remove them.
At the original L’Eroica event in Italy 13-32 Freewheels are always in a big demand and they are very commonly used on the bikes. However, this is just a suggestion. We found one of our cycling heroes, Eddy Merckx using the large cogs on his bike. Take a look.
Of course. bicycles equipped with smaller crank BCD and the Rear derailleurs with long pulley cages are more flexible in their gearing choices, so if you have them you can choose from wider gearing combos.
• Please make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tightened (up to the factory recommended specs) and the parts needed to be lubed are taken care of before going out on your ride.
We wish everyone to have a good, safe training and hope to see you in June at Eroica Japan.
We look forward to meeting all of you at Agatsuma-Gun, Shima hot spring in Gumma prefecture.





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