2019 Eroica Japan Concours d'Elegance
a) You must be a registered participant in Eroica Japan 2019 to be eligible to enter.
b) Entry fee is ¥2,000 per bicycle for the Classes 1, 2, 3 and ¥1,000 per bicycle for Class 4, the display only category.
c) Entries are limited to 20 bicycles for each Class 1, 2, 3 and 20 bicycles for Class 4.
d) All bicycles entered in the Concours must be "clean" and presentable.
e) All bicycles entered in the Concours must be ready for judging by 10:15am on Saturday, June 1st and all must in the concours area until 12pm on Saturday. Each owner and exhibitor/representative is responsible for their own bicycle(s).
f) If you choose to leave the area you are forfeiting your right and chance to be chosen as one of the winners. You must notify one of the judges or show staff if you choose to leave the concours area with or without your bicycle(s).
g) Please be courteous to our judges and volunteers.
h) If you have a formal complaint please submit it in writing and bring it to the attention of Chief Concours judge, Mr. Wesley Hatakeyama.

Bicycle Classes and Conditions:
a) Vintage Bicycles for Class 1 and 2 must be Road Racing, Track Racing or Randonneur Bicycles in original condition. No restored or partially restored bicycles are allowed.
b) Components of bicycles in Class 1 & 2 must be original or period correct replacements.
c) Any restoration to the paint or plating on the bicycles entered in Class 1 and 2 will be judged as non original and subject to point deduction(s).
d) All bicycles entered in Concours must be in operational condition. This means the tires must be in inflated and the components are in working order.
e) We will allow the "period correct or period looking" replacement "wearable" parts. (tires, tubes, brake pads) except the bar tape/grips which will be left to the owners discretion.
This is due to the age of bicycles and safety reasons since some of them will be ridden by the owners. Also some owners may use the original equipment during the concours and choose to swap the wheels and brake pads for riding on Sunday.
f) Vintage Bicycles for Class 3 must be Road Racing, Track Racing or Randonneur Bicycles in restored condition.
g) "Restored" means the bicycle may be repainted/plated back to its original state when it was new and components are also replaced or restored to their new condition.
h) Bicycles entered in Class 4, display only class can be for:
Owners who would like to display their bicycles without it being judged. Or, a newer bicycle that was built after 1987, but it has been built accordance to our rules and regulations.
This class also can be used by the frame builders who would like to display their newly built bicycles.
i) For sale signs are strictly prohibited on the bicycle entered in the concours.
If you would like to sell and promote your sale please get a space at swap meet.

Bike Submission:
Interested parties must fill in the information listed below and include at least 2 clear side view photos of each bicycle with a brief description.
If there is a historical significance (race history, prototype, famous owner, etc.) to the bicycle please include it in the description. A panel of experts will screen the entries. If for some reason your entry is denied you will receive an email from us.
Please note: Photos submitted by entrants will become property of Eroica Japan.

Mail adress:
  • Name, Surname
  • Tel
  • Entry Route Eroica Japan 2019
  • Entry category (1-3)
  • Maker
  • Model
  • Year of contruction
  • Parts
  • Wheels
  • 2 pictures (both sides)
  • Brief explanation of your bike

Judging and Judges
a) Judging will be conducted by experts in each field/category.
b) Two to three judges will form one judging team and each team will judge one class.
c) A point system will be used. The top high scoring bicycle in each class will be selected by the judges.
d) The judges decision is final.

Concours Awards
a) The first place from Classes 1, 2 and 3 will receive custom made trophies.
b) The winners will be notified at the end of the Concours and it will be followed by the award ceremony.
c) From this group of winners the judges will choose one bicycle as Best of Show and a special trophy will be presented to the owner during the Saturday Pre-Ride Dinner.
d) Best of Japan Award
We will have a special award for the best scored vintage Japanese bicycle from Class 1 and Class 2. It will be presented at the Saturday night dinner.

Please Note:
For information about bicycles please read our Regulation 6.
The event organizer will not provide ta bike stand for the entries. Use your own stand (ground level stand only) to display your bicycle.
Our staff will indicate your position on the field.
The show area is an outdoor place in front of start place. If we have a weather issue on the day of the show we will hold the show inside the large registration tent.
If you have any questions or comments please contact us via email.




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