In 2017, we will hold the third Concours for vintage and vintage style bikes, "Concorso d'Eleganza". This event is to showcase the best vintage road racing bicycles owned by collectors. This Concours is open to all the participant of the ride. Original vintage bikes, restored Vintage Road Racing Bicycles up to 1987 and vintage type Road Racing Bicycles (from 1988 to 2017) can be registered.
Concours classifications:
Class 1:  Original and Restored Vintage Bicycles up to 1949
Class 2:  Original  and Restored Vintage Bicycles from 1950 to 1987
Class 3:  Vintage Type Bicycles from 1988 to 2016
Class 4:  Japanese Steel Vintage Bicycles

We will have a variety of awards for the Concours.

Register sending an email to:
Registration: April 1 - May 8, 2017

Rules and Registration
You must be a registered participant in Eroica (r) Japan to be eligible to enter. Entry fees are free. Send this informations:
- Your name
- Your age
- Your home town
- Registration Class (1-4)
- Brand name
- Model
- Year of manifacture (if possible)
- Name of the store where you bought the bike (or the way you got it)
- Short description of the bike

Bike Submission
Interested parties must submit 2 photos of each bicycle (left and right side views) with a brief description (at least 2000px for the longer size). If there is a historical significance (race history, prototype, original owner, etc.) to the bicycle please include it in the description. A panel of 6 judges will pre-screen the entries and after a review we will send out the acceptance/denial notice via email within a few days of your submission. Photos submitted by accepted entries will become property of Eroica (r) Japan.

Judging and Judges
Judging will be conducted by experts in each field/category. A point system will be used. The top scoring bicycle will determine the winner of each category.

Concours Awards

The first places of vintage class, vintage resored class and vintage type class will receive custom made trophies. The winners will be notified at the pre-ride diner “Cena Eroica” at Lake Hotel Saiko.

Please Note
Exhibitors, Please bring your own bicycle display stand. Ground level display stand only please!! The show area is an outdoor grass field in the park maintained by the city.
TO REGISTER, write at:

Eroica Japan Concours Awards Artist
The winner of each category will win a special medal designed and hand made by the Italian Marco Varisco (link here).

Marco Varisco, Eroica Japan
About the artist: Marco Varisco junior
Son of Italo Varisco, Venetian glass artist born in Murano, Venice, Heir of his family tradition, he keeps the teaching and the tradition of his grandfather Marco and his father Italo even though he represents the family continuity of the glass-blower masters, joining with kindness and talent, ancient formulas with new fantasy and enthusiasm.
Marco Varisco is keen on his work. At thirteen he was already able to work (he engraved his confirmation candy boxes by himself); after the secondary school third year he attended private evening drawing schools. His luck was that he could work both with his grandfather and his father, then learning two different artisan techniques.
Growing up, Marco becomes a more and more irreplaceable collaborator for his father both in terms of creating power and realization; As a matter of fact the undefined idea of the client, has to be elaborated by the piece author who interprets the original contents and creates the work according to his own sensibility.
The three generations are present to the Vatican Museum: the grandfather created for the Pope the Votiva Lamp in the Sixtine Chapel; Italo the Plate with the Life-Tree; Marco engraved on a plate the Buranelli Sottoportico. New Marco is full-time working with his father: they created together works for the New York Mayor, King and the Queen of Spain, Bill Clinton and road races as Giro d'Italia.

(Giro d'Italia 2014, Maglia azzurra Jersey and Marco's cup)

(Giro d'Italia 2015, Maglia azzurra's cup)



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