We are pleased to present the following hotels and pensions (pensions are generally smaller inns and/or lodges) that share the philosophy of Eroica Japan.
There are many Japanese-style inns in Shima Onsen. Each one has a hot spring, and some of them have a hot spring bath that can be reserved for exclusive use, allowing you to enjoy the bath in private.
To make a reservation, you have to contact this WebSite: (Nakanojo Tourist Information Office) or send an email to this adress: (Tel: 0279-75-8814).

The following hotels and pensions have accepted the following conditions:
  • Permission to bring bicycles to the room, or they will provide management and secure storage at their location.
  • They offer a lodging plan with (price will reflect the plan chosen) only breakfast or without meals (normally dinner is included).
The following is a description of the various Japanese words that are commonly used in our translated sentences.
Onsen - Hot springs.
Pension - A smaller inn, travelers lodge or B&B.
Yubatake - The city center of Kusatsu.
The word Yubatake means unique wooden box structure. This structure was built to capture the minerals from the water, as it runs through the boxes. The minerals are then dried and sold to the tourists so that they can take the minerals home and use in their baths at home.
Yubatake Source - The water comes from the main source of hot, natural, mineral rich water.
Ryokan - Traditional Japanese Inn. The rooms typically have Tatami straw mats and the bedding (futon) is pulled out at night and laid on the floor.
Kaiseki - Gourmet dinner, consists of many small portions that typically features the areas seasonal vegetables, fish, and meats.

If you are interested in Japanese culture, we are happy to offer a tour organized by the Nakanojo Tourist Promotion Office.


エロイカ あやめや旅館
Ayameya Ryokan
4238-45 Shima, Nakanojo-town, Gunma Prefecture
The Ayameya Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn, located in the center of Shima Onsen, on the hill, of this quiet hot spring town. We enjoy meeting with our guests and providing them with our hospitality.
The chef of Ayameya Ryokan uses seasonal, local ingredients to create nine to ten dishes of “semi-kaiseki cuisine”. You can enjoy the panoramic mountain views from your room.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

星ヶ岡山荘 – HOSHIGAOKA SANSO エロイカジャパン 四万温泉
1539 Nakanojo, Gunma-prefecture
Shiriyaki Onsen is a famous hot spring that mean burning asses, situated in Nakanojo, one of "the most beautiful Villages in Japan".
Shiriyaki is an unusual onsen, as this bath is located directly in the river. Located close to Kusatsu and Shima, this hot spring is mixing with the water of the river, for the biggest pleasure of the visitors who bath in this shallow pool.
There is a small hut where you can leave your belongings, as well as the ryokan close to the bath.
Hoshigaoka Sanso is a hot spring Inn, which have the source with boiling water from the river.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

四万温泉 いずみや エロイカジャパン
Izumiya Hotel
3981-1 Shima, Nakanojo-town, Gunma-prefecture
Shima Onsen has been recognized for its hot water that legends say cure, 40,000 types of illnesses.
The Izumiya Hotel, close to the city center, is a long-established inn that has welcomed guests since the beginning of the last century.
When you stroll through the entrance, you will find a lounge with mountain views. All five rooms are designed with our guest’s comfort and privacy in mind. Three of the rooms have a private, outdoor bath. There are two additional baths that can be reserved for private use.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

四万温泉 柏屋旅館 エロイカ ジャパン
Kashiwaya Ryokan
3829 Shima, Nakanojo-city, Gunma prefecture
Kashiwaya Ryokan is located in the center of Shima Onsen. This ryokan has a vintage atmosphere that is popular among women.
We paid attention to the details, such as black, vintage telephones placed in all 15 rooms, three private open-air baths that can be used many times as you want with no charge. Two of the guest rooms have open-air baths. Come, unwind and enjoy the seasonal flavors of the local cuisine.

For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

湯元 四萬舘 エロイカジャパン
Yumoto Shimakan Inn
3838 Shima, Nakanojo-city, Gunma-prefecture
Yumoto Shimakan is a hot-spring inn along the beautiful Shima River. The inn provides spectacular views of the blue river and majestic mountains. All of the rooms offer panoramic views and enjoy a leisure time of bliss.
We have many types of rooms available, for example, open-air bath with a 100% hot spring source water. You can stay here satisfying your needs. Please enjoy the famous hot spring of Shima slowly as many times as you want.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

四万温泉 四万グランドホテル
Shima Grand Hotel
4228 Shima, Nakanojo-city, Gunma-prefecture
Shima Grand Hotel is a traditional Japanese inn with 500 years of history. This is the largest Japanese style hotel in Shima Onsen. Guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Shima Grand Hotel is separated into several structures such as Seiryu-Kan, Seisho-Kan and Seishin-Kan. Seiryu-Kan has a special room with an open-air bath. Dinner is served buffet style and includes approximately 60 different dishes. Groups can reserve a room for a private parties.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

四万温泉 山口旅館
Shima Yamaguchi Kan Inn
3876-1Shima, Nakanojo-city, Gunma-prefecture
Shima Yamaguchi-Kan is a hotel in a ravine, located on the banks of the Shima River. All, Japanese-style rooms, offer views of the Shima River, where guests can enjoy views of the forest. We have seven baths, each having its own characteristics.
Shima Onsen has flourished as a spa for approximately 1,200 years. It is said to have been named Shima ("Shima" means 40,000) Onsen since legends say the hot spring water can cure 40,000 illnesses. Shima Onsen’s hotsprings are now famous for beautiful skin.

For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

中生館 四万温泉 エロイカジャパン
Chuseikan Hotel
4374 Shimaotsu, Nakanojo-city, Gunma-prefecture
Chuseikan is a traditional Japanese Hotel surrounded by the forest in the innermost part of the Shima. Please enjoy a soothing and relaxing time in a quiet Japanese-style room.
The meals are rustic country dishes made, with seasonal ingredients found on "Satoyama (the mountain near our village)". The hot water of Shima Onsen is popular as a sacred spring for the longevity of youth. The baths of Chuseikan are open-air baths where you can hear the babbling of the river. It is also recommended to take a bath while gazing at the stars at night.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

つばたや エロイカジャパン 四万温泉
Tsubataya Ryokan
3985 Shima, Nakanojo-city, Gunma-prefecture
Tsubataya Ryokan is a small inn where you can relax and enjoy, the views of the Shima River. We welcome individuals. Groups may reserve the entire inn.
The water used in our baths is provided from a naturally occurring, continually flowing private hot spring source. Our baths are open 24 hours a day.

For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

鶴屋 四万温泉 エロイカジャパン
Tsuruya Hotel
4372-1 Shima, Nakanojo-city, Gunma-prefecture
"Tsuruya" is located in the quiet "Hyugami" area surrounded by the natural beauty of Shima Onsen, in Gunma Prefecture.
This area (Shima Onsen) is known for the hot springs that cures 40,000 illnesses. We have rooms with semi-open-air baths where you can melt your cares away.
The cuisine is made from fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. You will be able to feel the soft breeze that flows through the trees and relax to the soothing sounds of the river.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

山ばと 四万温泉 エロイカジャパン
Yamabato Spa Hotel
4358-11 Shima Hyugami, Nakanojo-town, Gunma-prefecture
The hotel is located in the Shima Hyugami area. We are a small hotel with 7 rooms where, you can relax your cares away.
Our hot spring baths are open 24 hours a day for your enjoyment.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

時わすれの宿 佳元 エロイカジャパン
Yoshimoto Ryokan
4344-2 Shima, Nakanojo-town, Gunma-prefecture
Shima Onsen in Gunma Prefecture is a hot spring resort where you can relax amongst the beautiful scenery.
Yoshimoto is a small 8-room hot spring Ryokan (Japanese style inn). Here you can enjoy traditional Japanese style guest rooms with the tatami mats (straw mat) and the Irori (Japanese style open hearth) in the lobby.
Enjoy our local cuisine, relaxing in our hot spring and our heartfelt “Omotenashi (hospitality)”.
For information and reservation:
Tel: 0279-75-8814

In addition to Shima Onsen, there are many accommodation facilities also in Kusatsu Onsen, Tsumagoi village and Kita Karuizawa.

Distance from Shima Onsen by car
Kusatsu Onsen: 40km
Tsumagoi Village: 50km
North Karuizawa: 50km




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